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Are you licensed to work in the state of New Mexico?

Brighter Image Electric is licensed by the State of New Mexico License Number 364737 and can be verified by the Construction Industries Division.

Is your business in good standing with the State?

Yes and we are governed by the Construction Industries Division, State of New Mexico.

Can you provide proof of General Liability and Workers Comp insurance?

If an electrician representing themselves as a business damages your home or hurts you and is not covered it may leave you left holding a sizable repair or medical bill. You need to know they are covered. Check to make sure! Yes we are! And our insurance broker can fax proof to anyone.

Do you have references?

Yes many, and they are available upon request.

Do i need to get an electrical permit?

Depending on the scope of work, but most of the time yes! If you have a contractor at your home installing something then chances are it should be permitted. If they can’t permit the job they should not be doing it!

I have reset the breaker but the power is still out?

Most of the time you need to make sure to push the breaker all the way to the off position first, then push to the on position. If this does not work you need to call a professional.

The outlets in my kitchen, outdoors, garage or bathroom aren’t working, what is the problem?

Most likely the GFCI outlet has tripped. Locate the CFGI outlet that controls the circuit and push the RESET button. Keep in mind sometimes you need to look for the CFGI in a cabinet or other place not readily seen.

My lights dim every time an appliance or other things are turned on.

A slight dimming of lights is normal. The inrush of current to an appliance like a vacuum or an air conditioner motor is 5-6 times its steady-state current. The dimming is just due to this inrush of current and is nothing to worry about.

I have a breaker that keeps tripping, can I replace it with a bigger one?

No. The breaker is designed for that circuit and is probably wearing out. The breaker senses an overload and when it’s wearing out. It needs to be replaced with the exact same size.

What is an arc-fault circuit breaker?

Arc-fault or “AFCI” are newly developed devices that sense an arc and help protect against arc fires. Arc causes many fires and deaths every year. Caused by a picture nail into a wire or by age or even poorly installed wiring. AFCI serves a dual purpose, not only will they protect against arc they will shut off an overload as well. They provide protection for the branch circuit and limited protection for power cords and extensions.


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